Annotating taxon images in Intkey4

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Wed Mar 5 00:36:59 CET 1997

- From: Joe Kirkbride
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> We are just starting to consider the implications of putting our 
> database on a CD-ROM. Bob and I are discussing the labelling of the 
> images. We are wavering between minimalist and maximalist approachs. 
> In the maximalist approach each and everything in each image would be 
> completely and unambiguously labelled, no matter how much text was 
> required. The minimalist approach is close to the examples that I sent 
> you for the Bossiaeeae. Bob would prefer even less than is with those 
> examples, but he wants extensive explanatory material in some 
> convenient "place". It appears that the Introduction and References 
> button in the sample data set is such a "place". To fully explain the 
> contents of the images, it would be necessary to display images with 
> extensive text explaining their content and structure. Would it be 
> possible to link images to the Introduction and References button?

The Introduction and References button is implemented via the Contents 
command. It is not the appropriate place for notes on taxon images. They 
should be done as text overlays on the images. See Grasses of the 
Canadian Arctic Archipelago for examples (Intkey package available on 
the Net). In this package, special space on the image is reserved for 
the notes, but this is not essential, as the text can be hidden by the 
user (an option in the Window menu of the image window). Also, we are 
going to implement a Notes button for the taxon images, which will 
display this kind of information only when requested, in a separate 
window like the one for the character notes.

For an extensive example of the Contents facility, see the 
angiosperm-families package; note the use of a hierarchical structure in 
the table of contents.

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