My Java GUI for Sea Slug identification

Alastair Richardson Alastair.Richardson at ZOO.UTAS.EDU.AU
Wed May 29 00:53:52 CEST 1996

> A week or two ago I mailed a message to the list announcing the 
> availability of a Java encoded browser for Sea Slug identification at 
> my web-site. I got back a few replies from people who hadn't been able 
> to get it to work. Has anybody been able to get it to work? (it works 
> locally on the university network!) I'd appreciate any replies.
> The URL is :


I'm still trying unsuccessfully. I am running Netscape 2.0, and got your 
new improved message. What I'm not clear about is whether I need to add 
anything to Ntescape (ie a "Plug-in"), and if so, how I go about doing 

Don't give up!

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