intkey4.hlp - German translation

Terry Macfarlane terrym at MANJI.CALM.WA.GOV.AU
Mon May 20 03:30:08 CEST 1996

Although I am an English speaker, I would like to comment on the point 
raised by Dr Richter.

The extent to which translation is pursued depends on how you envisage 
INTKEY4 and associated databasses being used. The first level, 
translating only the explanatory text, might be adequate if you expect 
your databases to be used mainly or solely by professionals, most of 
whom would perhaps have sufficient knowledge of English to get by, or 
if not, then sufficient motivation and computer background to manage. 
However, if you have databases that are aimed at a wider audience, then 
translation of the menus and commands is also desirable. In undertaking 
such a task, there is a need to allow for further input as changes are 
made to the program (inevitable in evolving software from programmers 
responsive to users' needs).

> To those, however, who are interested in German language HELP 
> instructions I pose the following question: ...

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