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H.G. Richter hrichter at AIXH0401.HOLZ.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Fri May 17 14:23:20 CEST 1996

To all German language DELTA/INTKEY4 users!

First I wish to apologize to all English language users of the 
DELTA/INTKEY4 system for adding yet another useless message to their 

To those, however, who are interested in German language HELP 
instructions I pose the following question:

There a two degrees of completeness for such an translation:

a) only the explanatory text is translated into German while menu 
captions, commands and command references in the text are retained in 
its original (English) form. This would correspond to the previously 
created INTKEYD.HLP (the D stands for *Deutsch*) for the DOS-version of 
the program, that is German text with english commands (+ references), 

b) a complete translation including menu captions, commands and 
respective references, corresponding to the previous INTKEYDD.HLP (the 
DD stands for *Deutsch-Deutsch*). Such a completely German version 
promises better understanding of the instructions by those with only 
limited knowledge of the English language. On the other hand, it would 
require some reorientation of those already used to the English version 
and, secondly, is bound to create some controversy as to which German 
terms would be the nearest equivalents to their English counterparts 
(for example: 'BROWSING' = DURCHSUCHEN?).

Please let me know your opinion and preferences. By the way, the same 
problem will arise with any foreign language translation of INTKEY4 
help files. Hence if users of other languages (spanish, protugese, 
french, etc.) would like to chip in with their comments, please do so.

H.G. Richter
Dr. Hans Georg Richter
Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Protection
Leuschnerstra=DFe 91
21031 Hamburg, Germany
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