Conversion of descriptions into DELTA format (xTaxacom)

Eric Gouda gouda at CC.RUU.NL
Thu May 16 11:41:20 CEST 1996

- From: Anthony R. Brach
- To: Eric Gouda

> I was checking some old messages in TAXACOM. Can you tell me more 
> about this program that converts natural language descriptions into 
> DELTA CHARS, ITEMS, and SPECS files? Does it work from a word 
> processor file of descriptions and then make the conversions? How does 
> it differ from other DELTA programs? Is it freeware?

Dear Anthony:

With that message I was checking if a user version would be desireble, 
but there was only one person who was interested in the first place. It 
would take some time to prepare a user version (good 
online-help/documentation etc.), but financially it could not be done.

The program can work from an ASCII-text file and build the CHARacterS 
and ITEMS file, with the interaction of the user. The text file needs 
some editing (at this moment) to mark the start of an ITEM (taxon 

I use the program frequently myself and I like it a lot! What I do is 
scanning the text, using OCR to make the textfile and mark the ITEMS 
before using the translation program. It can add items to an excisting 
set of DELTA files and it will work faster when the CHARS file is more 

Regards, Eric

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