Java GUI for species identification

Andreas Walsh alwalsh at TCD.IE
Wed May 8 15:35:59 CEST 1996


As mentioned last November and December, I have been doing a final year 
project on multimedia species identification. The project is finished 
now and the results are viewable at
Unfortunately, lack of time meant that the biological accuracy of the 
data could not be properly assured.

The aim of the system is to offer the casual user an inviting, 
enjoyable and easy to learn system for the identification of species. 
It can also be used for simply browsing through the information.

The sample species used were nudibranch molluscs (sea slugs). They were 
chosen as they could, for the most part, be identified solely by visual 
characteristics. From the initial screen the user can click on 
different characteristics and choose those which match the sea slug to 
be identified. The number of slugs currently matched are displayed at 
the base of the screen.

At any time the user can click on the button in the bottom left of the 
screen and be taken to a display which shows the names of all the 
matching slugs. By clicking on a name a new window is opened within the 
browser containing the relevant info on the selected slug.

The user is free to roam around, clicking as he goes. As far as I know, 
the system itself cannot be crashed :) That doesn't rule out Java or 
the Browser crashing.

The project was performed with a lot of assistance from Bernard Picton 
of the Environmental Science Unit here in TCD, Dublin. The sea slug 
information is stored at his web-site. Only sea slugs from the British 
Isles are represented.

To run the system, Netscape 2.0 or higher is necessary (includes Atlas 
2 and 3) A word of warning though. Java on Win95 has a major bug. It 
does not load images properly. In order to get the system to run you 
must reload the page fully several times! (I cannot stop this from 
happening :(.

If anymore information is needed please e-mail me

Your commments are welcome


PS I did not use the DELTA format. I implemented my own much simpler 
data format. It would be an ultimate aim to implement the DELTA format 
in the end. However, the DELTA format doesn't right now have full 
support for multimedia experimentation.

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