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Mon Oct 30 01:54:34 CET 1995

- From: Andreas Walsh

> My project is focussed on the usability of the system, so that even 
> those with no training in biology or science or whatever can 
> successfully identify species.

The program INTKEY is an easy-to-use interactive identification 
program. Whether it will enable a user to successfully carry out 
identifications depends on the skill of the author of a particular data 
set in conveying the necessary biological information to the user via 
text and/or pictures.

> Where can I find DELTA software?

Internet Access to DELTA Programs and Data

The DELTA programs, and several data sets, are available via gopher or 
anonymous ftp from  (directory: /pub/delta)  (directory: /delta)
and via WWW from

The file Index.txt (note the upper-case I) contains a list of the 
available programs and data. Most of the subdirectories of delta 
contain text files *.1st which contain information about downloading 
and installing the programs or data in that subdirectory. When using 
ftp, always enter the command 'binary' at the start of the session.

When downloading the program distribution files, place them in a 
directory \DELTA. To install the programs, follow the instructions in 

The programs are supplied with documentation files, sample data, and a 
list of references. The conditions of use are in a file delta.use, and 
the prices in delta.reg. These files are within both of the 
self-extracting archive files delta1 at .exe (MS-DOS INTKEY) and 
deltaw at .exe (MS-Windows INTKEY).

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