Using INTKEY over the Internet

Mike Dallwitz miked at
Fri Dec 16 01:08:58 CET 1994

- From: Anthony Brach

> Is it possible (or in the future) for users of WWW to utilize DELTA 
> INTKEY or a modification thereof at a particular site of the WEB ? 
> Since users can presently access checklists, descriptions, 
> non-interactive keys, and descriptions, thinking about the potential 
> for interactive keys of floras online.

Version 2 of INTKEY is available for Unix (SunOS), and can be used 
across the Internet. For an example, see
    Christiansen, K. A., Bellinger, P. F., and da Gama, M. M. (1990).
    Computer assisted identification of specimens of Pseudosinella
    (Collembola Entomobryidae). Rev. Ecol. Biol. Sol 27, 231-246.
To try this system:
    Username: BUGS
    Password: DELTA

Version 2 of INTKEY has only a command-line interface (though lists of 
commands can be displayed either manually or automatically). We hope 
eventually to port the Windows version of INTKEY (version 4) to other 
GUI's, including Mac and Unix. I don't know whether either version could 
be accessed via WWW.

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