Advantages of using a separate subdirectory for each data set

Phillip Hoover phoover at SOL.UVIC.CA
Thu Dec 15 22:29:31 CET 1994

- From: Mike Dallwitz

> The DELTA convention of keeping data sets in different subdirectories 
> is convenient, because it minimizes editing of directives files 
> (because the file names can be the same). It is possible to arrange 
> things so that this is also convenient for using INTKEY. You need only 
> one copy of INTKEY.EXE, as long as

When teaching students how to use DELTA we must keep each student 
working on their own files in seperate subdirectories as there are a 
number of DELTA users on each computer.

A question. A student has produced two different DELTA data files sets 
for two different genera but now wishes to combine them to run on Intkey 
or for the production of printed keys. What is the most effective way 
for the student to combine their data sets?

In the past I would get them to create a another subdirectory and enter 
new data files. Normally students are only dealing with 6-10 taxa and a 
dozen characters so it is a fairly easy job.

thanks in advance,

Phil Hoover
phoover at

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