Suitability of DELTA for fruit/seed key; use on Macs

Phillip Hoover PHOOVER at SOL.BITNET
Tue Dec 13 01:28:53 CET 1994

Here is the first posting to this list. The questions are fairly basic 
and I think I will start to put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Questions) file that can be sent to new and interested users of the 
DELTA system.

I do think that DELTA would be useful for Susan Mazer's project. Would 
any else like to reply to the other questions?

- From: Susan Mazer
- To: Phillip Hoover


Many thanks for the message concerning the start-up of the Delta 
Software Mailing List, which I received through TAXACOM.

I am currently working on a photographic field guide to the fruits and 
seeds of about 1500 Peruvian lowland rainforest species, and I'm 
interested in the possibility of using Delta to produce a dichotomous 
key to allow the field identification of these taxa.

A few elementary questions (I clearly don't know much about Delta):

Is this an appropriate/possible application of Delta?

Is Delta now available for use on Macintosh computers, or only for DOS?

Where can I look into the purchase of the program?

Thanks in advance,

Susan Mazer

Susan Mazer          E-Mail mazer at
Department of Biology     Office Phone  (805) 893-8011
University of California  Lab Phone     (805) 893-8011
Santa Barbara, CA  93106  FAX           (805) 893-4724

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