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Tue Mar 21 20:58:22 CET 2017

Additionally to what Charles already mentioned concerning notoriously 
wrong identification, the mail account of Chen Yi had been hacked in the 
past and some scammer asked for an advance payment. And of course, as a 
result the money was gone and plants never arrived. Chen Yi will always 
ship plant without prior payment. So make sure it is indeed Chen Yi you 
are dealing with and do not make any advance payment!

 From my point of view and omitting all wrongly identified plants (the 
majority from her list), her range of true species is pretty limited and 
there is not a single one which has not been established in cultivation 
already. Additionally, all of her plants are wild collected, and 
sometimes these go into the thousands ...



> David: You should know that Chen Yi is notorious for incorrect IDs for 
> their plants, and they do not seem to care enough to correct the 
> problem.. If you order a specific Arisaema species, the best you can 
> be sure of is that it will likely be some type of Arisaema.
> Charles Hunter
> Smyrna, Georgia USA
> On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 2:56 PM, DAVID LEEDY 
> <djleedy at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I am in receipt of an email and plant list from a Chen Yi in China, 
> which includes some interesting Aroids, etc.  Although I will 
> probably be collecting Aroids on the day of my death am not in 
> sufficient health to put together an order for this.
> If someone will take this over, I will gladly send the information I 
> have received to them
> David Leedy

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