[Arisaema-l] Arisaema sikokianum "Siamese Twins"

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Here are a couple of better pictures from my Panasonic camera from the other side, showing clearly the double ball on the end of the spadix appendix. The spathe limb on the right appears like it was trying to divide into two separate ones. 
Charles HunterSmyrna, Georgia, zone 7 USA 

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 Neat flower.  Blame it on the drought and heat last year.  That is what I am doing anyway.

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    Look at the freak Arisaema sikokianum that is showing in the garden today. Notice it has 2 opposite spathe limbs and that the typical white "golf ball" at the end of the spadix appendix is actually almost split into 2. I call it my "Siamese Twins" A. sikokianum. It is the only one of that species blooming this early- some of my others are showing above ground, but not yet close to showing leaves or bloom. Sorry for the picture quality, but I did this on my old cellphone, which has an inferior camera, soon to be upgraded.   
   We are about to have a couple of days of sub-freezing days (high 20's F.), so it will be interesting to see if it survives that OK. Up until now, we have had a very mild late winter here in the southeastern USA, and lots of things are blooming early.   
   By the way, this plant is a seedling from a 2012 packet from the AEG Seed Exchange, from TJ (Thomas Jacobs, New York) where the note says they were collected wild in Japan from Chiba Prefecture.   
   Anybody else get freaks like this or have an explanation? Make me wonder if it wasn't close to being a double flower, kind of like a 2 headed snake.   
   Please send your extra seed to Eric as soon as possible for the SeedEx this year!   
   Charles Hunter   Smyrna, Georgia zone 7 USA   
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