[Arisaema-l] AEG SeedEx 2016

Eric Gouda E.J.Gouda at uu.nl
Tue Mar 22 13:07:18 CET 2016

Dear AEG members,

I have been busy preparing the AEG Seed List for this year and we have 
much less seed donations (8) than normally (only 38 new numbers of 70).
Maybe I did not yet receive all the seeds, so if you have sent seeds 
recently and your are not listed as a donor in the Seed List (see below) 
or are going to send seeds this week, please send me a note.


The list is not yet open for ordering, but will be soon!


        CH    Charles Hunter (USA/GA)
        EP    Edna Parkyn (NZ)
        FP    Francois Pageau (CA)
        GM    Gottfried Milkuhn (DE)
        GG    Guy Gusman (BE)
        GB    Göran Bergh (SE)
        MA    Martin Ashworth (UK)
        RE    Robert Eiler (DE)

University Botanic Gardens
att. E.J. Gouda
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht

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