[Arisaema-l] SeedEx 2016 is open for ordering

Tanya Slabbert tanyabeing at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 08:10:48 CEST 2016

I placed an order and made a donation, how do I link the 2?

On 4/14/16, Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at uu.nl> wrote:
> Dear members,
> We have a total of 70 numbers on the AEG seed list, from which 38 are added
> this year.
> As usual, 2016 seed donors has first choice. Orders will be collected for
> about one or two weeks and processed in order of receiving them.
> Please don't forget to make your Paypal donations, to make the seedEx
> possible.
> AEG Website: http://botu07.bio.uu.nl/arisaema-l/
> Permit: for US members, I will sent the seeds with a "small lots of seeds"
> permit, if you have marked that on the oder (checkbox). Be sure I got a copy
> of the permit and the green/yellow port labels.
> I still have valid permits & labels in stock for: Bell, Dembowski, Homick,
> Hunter, Jacobs, Lange, Mackaness, Pesnell
> For the following members, the permit and labels I have expired: Leedy,
> McDowell, Schneider, Wooten, Wilhoite, so if you want to have your seeds
> send with a permit, do send it ASAP
> Second and late orders: after the first batch has been sent out, the seedEx
> will stay open for the rest of the year, so you could order again if you
> like, but processing orders will be done only after receiving a Paypal
> message about a donation (this will trigger me to look for the order).
> Happy growing season!
> Eric
> --
> University Botanic Gardens
> att. E.J. Gouda
> Budapestlaan 17
> 3584 CD Utrecht
> Netherlands

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