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Robin Graham Bell rgb2 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 22 04:52:27 CET 2015

I joined this group soon after it was formed but have been pretty passive since then, mainly because I had most of the limited repertoire of species that would grow in my then - area & it seemed so did everyone else. But I have recently moved into a much more accommodating zone, I hope, so am looking to expand quickly beyond what was previously possible. I sent an e-mail to Ray Stilwell as advised on the website but he kindly responded saying he was no longer involved & to post here. Whew! So, here is what has maybe survived from across the continent...............
Plants........                         A. sikokianum had a nice variegated strain but not sure it has survived brought about 5 adults across. no juveniles, maybe no adults!
					     "	consanguinium, adult, about 10 of selected forms from Ellen Hornig. Also an early flowering strain with long drip tips (5). Offsets from both.
					     "  candidissimum adult, pink form, maybe 4, probably some offsets.
					     "  ringens 3 adult pink stemmed form.
					     "  flavum 5 adult, tibetan form. maybe some offsets.
					     A fargesii	not sure it has survived either, 2-3 adults.
					Amorphophallus konjac 1 adult, 6-10 juveniles. flowered no seed. Allowed to mention them here?
	All of these had flowered in my NY garden, some of them flowered for me here last year but none set seed........I had them in the wrong spot.......too hot & dry! They are all now in what I hope will be better conditions.
	I don't have any died data for here. If my sikokianum have indeed gone I don't think it is informative at all, except of my ignorance about growing conditions here.
	My hardiness zone seems a bit hard to pin down right now, but I think zone 7b, 9 out of 10 years would cover it. Another couple of years & I could tell you with confidence.
	If I have missed something or should have done it differently please advise.
	Robin Bell, Medford, Oregon, zone 7b or so.

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