[Arisaema-l] SeedEx 2014

Ken Landis loken423 at yahoo.it
Thu May 15 14:01:51 CEST 2014

Hi Eric, 
Seeds just arrived.
Thanks a lot
Il Mercoledì 7 Maggio 2014 11:13, Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at uu.nl> ha scritto:
Dear Members,

All seed orders are sent now (except one waiting for a permit) and
      I hope most of you have already got your seeds.
Some seeds were limited in amount and were assigned "seed donors
      first" and "first come, first get" (donations and the number of
      items ordered can influence the assignment too).

If you are not a seed donor and did not yet donated via Paypal, please do, because we can not do it without your monetary help. A monetary donation of any amount is welcome, but in answer to members questions, typical donations run between €10 and €20 for an order of about 10 items. Please be guided by the value of the SeedEx to you. 

The list has been altered, so that only available seeds are listed
      (64 at the moment, but some only only one or two left). 
Be aware that additional orders or new orders from now on has to
      be preceded by a Paypal donation.

Happy growing,
University Botanic Gardens
att. E.J. Gouda
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht
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