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Hi Tony,

The best way would be to have them sown by an orchid lab.

If that is not available to you then a pot in which you grow another
terrestrial orchid would be a good place; or if these are your first attempt
to get orchid seed going and you have no orchids at present then a pot with
some growing moss on the surface would be the go. They will require cool
moist conditions. Irrigate very carefully with small water atomiser/sprayer
only, as anything else will wash them away.

Orchid seed generally needs the availability of a mycorrhizal fungi to help
them germinate. This would be available in other terrestrial orchid pots or
you can give them another food source, which in the lab in a flask is sugar.

Pots growing some moss may also have some mycorrhizae amongst them and some
orchids (like Pterostylis nutans) are less fussy as to which fungi they will
associate with so this can give success.

I have used this later method with varying levels of success for several


Best of luck with them as they are great plants to grow.


Regards Colin


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Hi Colin


I think I purchased some Pterostylis nutans seeds from you on E bay can you
please advise the best way to propagate,mix.watering where to locate etc. I
live on the Sunshine Coast.




Tony Maker (tonymaker45 at hotmail.com)

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