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Sat Mar 1 16:19:39 CET 2014

Thank you for your interest and response.  The tubers have been spoken for and are no longer available.
David Leedy
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Subject: [Arisaema-l] A. griffithii and A. speciosum

I just received very nice and large tubers/bulbs of A. griffithii and A. speciosum.  I purchased these before I learned that there is no way they will grow here in Texas.

Therefore, I can put them on ebay or trade them for something (I am trying to collect Arum).  And the third alternative is to just give them away.

I am soliciting offers and ideas.  As it is 80 degrees F. here today, I am keeping them in the refrigerator and my wife wants them out of there, so time is of the essence.

David Leedy

PS - It is supposed to be around 20 degrees F. on Sunday night, that's Texas weather. :)
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