[Arisaema-l] Advice on germinating Arisaema limbatum

Gordon Tingley gordon at sleddinghill.ca
Wed Jun 5 13:07:35 CEST 2013

Almost all of the species received from the seed exchange has now
germinated- with the exception of Arisaema limbatum and Arisaema speciosum.
My germination method is to place the seed on moist paper towel, and enclose
the moist packets in zip lock baggies, leaving them at room temperature to
pre- germinate before planting the sprouted seeds. 


Does Arisaema limbatum require chilling to induce germination? I have been
trying to germinate it, and the similar A nepenthoides in the past, without
much success. This year I thought I'd attempt A. limbatum instead of
nepenthoides, hoping for a better success rate.


Any advice would be welcome.




Gordon Tingley


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