[Arisaema-l] Very early first bloom this year

Charles Hunter 2csh at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 28 00:34:09 CET 2013

Chris: Just ONE Arisaema is blooming here now,  although ringens is just
opening and several others are starting to show above ground. Very mild
winter with no snow here this year (we usually get some in January at least)
and other stuff like trilliums are up early also. 


I thought I remembered some reference in the book about self-fertility but
couldn't find it when I looked. Thanks.


I put some seed into the exchange from my original plant a few years back
and it was all taken, so I would be curious if some people have had similar
experience with seedlings of that species. I have not seen it for sale
anywhere other than when Barry offered it at Asiatica. 


I am sure Indiana is good for Arisaemas, but maybe ones that come up a few
weeks later. 


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia 



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As I look out my window at snow falling it seems amazing that you have these
beautiful plants in bloom right now.

In Guy's book it mentions that A. serratum can sometimes be bisexual ( or
functioning male and female flowers ). I think this is correct. SO, I guess
that is more than likely the case in this plant.


What a gorgeous seedling that is as well. I am guessing that in Georgia the
jacks have a much easier time than they do here in Indianapolis. 


As far as the question as to making seed without another plant, I would
think only in the case of the plant being self fertile. Much like most of
the native A. dracontium (Green Dragon) here in our parts.


Chris Wilhoite

c/o Soules Garden

5809 Rahke Road

Indianapolis, IN 46217-3677

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