[Arisaema-l] Seed List 2013

Eric Gouda E.J.Gouda at uu.nl
Mon Feb 4 09:53:27 CET 2013

Dear AEG members,

I started to set up the Seed List 2013 and have received over 30 new 
numbers and hope to receive some more.
Seeds of the following seed donors has been received and I want to thank 
you all for this:

Bengt Carlson
Edna Parkyn (NZ)
Eric Wollenschlaeger (FR)
Guy Gusman (BE)
Göran Bergh (SE)
Jean Claude Brutsch (CH)
Murray Corby (AU)
Robert Eiler (DE)

If you did sent seeds that are not listed, please let me know.
To all of you: I'm ready to have much more (also small amount of rare 
species! or species not listed yet), so please don't hesitate to send 
your seeds to the address below (we do have at least on month left 
before we get loose).

Best regards,


University Botanic Gardens
att. E.J. Gouda
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht

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