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Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry.
As to germination of Arisaema seed, I first checked after two weeks.  The A. flavum had produced about a 3 inch (7.62 cm) root, which had grown through the moist paper towel and a petiole almost as long.  Several other species had also sprouted, though not nearly as much.
Placing pots into the ground, which has also been suggested to me by Peter Boyce with respect arum, is a little difficult as I have between 3 - 4 inches (9 cm) of top soil covering rock.  Northside of house is also a little difficult, but there are plenty of shady places out of the hot wind.  The one thing I am thinking, although, is that I have some real treasures (meaning they were "expensive"), that I wouldn't want to lose.  While I have no place in my home for the pots, I am thinking of unpotting the tubers and keeping them inside with the AC.  Now my question here is whether to keep them bare rooted in paper bags, so the tubers can breath, or to place them in plastic bags with a medium, such as vermiculite or peat moss, which will absorb any moisture.  This is also my question with respect to the bubils from my seedlings.
Again, I appreciate your response.
David Leedy

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Hello David,
I may be able to help on a couple of issues.

The Summer heat while plants are in pots could be a problem as the potting soil will heat up much more than the ground. You can alleviate this by placing the pots into the ground or in a cooler location, Northern side of house for you I guess. 
Let the plant come up at their own rate and don’t be overly concerned that others have theirs up already. A friend of mine 30mins away has his plants do totally differently to mine. I normally don’t start to irrigate much until I see them emerge above the potting mix either. 
When did you start to germinate your seed? 
Regards Colin 

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This is my first year to attempt hardy aroids, both seed and corms/tubers/bulbs.  I live in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, which is Zone 8a and our low was in December when it reached 23 degrees F. (-5 degrees C).  Since December, we have had very few days when the minimum temperature was below freezing.  I have met a lot of failures and a few successes, so it is time to seek advice. 

 Arisaema seed – I had a marvelous germination experience and within a very few weeks I had many seedlings.  I planted these in seedling trays using 50% seedling soil mix and 50% a very good potting mix.  Within a month these began to die and I thought maybe it was something like the “damp off” I have experienced with tropical aroid seed.  Today, I only have about 20 or so out of over 150 seedlings still growing.  Is my experience unusual? 

Arisaema bubils – I went through my seed trays and discovered quite a few bulbis from the seedlings.  They are only a little bigger than the seed itself.  How should I store these? 

Arisaema corms/tubers/bulbs – I have had very mixed experience with these.  I am growing only in containers.  The only one that has sprouted completely is A. candidissimum.  A large tuber of A. utile rotted immediately.  I unpotted a fairly large tuber of A. costatum, expecting another failure, only to find lots of roots and a nose sticking up about 2 inches (50.8 mm).  I have felt around in the pot and can feel the nose of my largest Arisaema tuber, A. speciosum, but it isn’t up yet either.  My smaller tubers have not yet sprouted.  I have read with wonder that everyone’s Arisaema are up and doing well, but mine aren’t even up yet.  Is this just the first year blues?  I withheld water until the days started to warm up, although the nights were cool, could this have been a problem?  I have also read that A. ringens is a good one to grow and would like to acquire it as well as any others that may be thought of as easy. 
Arum seed – It is now around 90 days and not one arum seed has sprouted.  I am using the damp paper towel in the plastic baggie procedure, but I did not chill the seed.  Should I put any new seed in the refrigerator for a time?  How about these that have been sitting for 90+ days?  How long does germination usually take? 
Arum corms/tubers/bulbs – I have had varied experience with arum.  Led by A. pictum, which had already sprouted when I received the tuber in September and is still growing, the rest of my arum came up in late November – December.   Arum concinnatum is the only one that rotted, but I refuse to admit failure and will try it again next year.  Arum palestinum and discordus have now gone down, which causes me concern, as has an A. maculatum sport.  A. maculatum has also gone down, but that may be because I received it in February as a sprouted tuber and it didn't like being shipped from Wisconsin to Texas at the beginning of its growing season.  A. orientale is fighting to stay up as is A.  creticum.  A. italicum, the second arum to come up in November is also still growing, but all looked better in January, when it was a little cooler.  Again I am growing these in pots, but may transplant some to a spot under some bushes on a decline in a couple
 of months.  Any advice or suggestions on Arum? 
Finally, I am most concerned about all of my hardy aroids when this summer’s heat really sets in.  It was 90 degrees F. (32.2 C.) today, but we will have many days of over 100 degrees F. (37.8 C.) this summer.  Any advice regarding all of my hardy aroids (Arisaema, Arum, Dracunculus, Pinella, etc.)? 
I appreciate any advice and suggestions you may care to share. 
David Leedy, Novice at Hardy Aroids 

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