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Greg Ruckert greg at alpacamanagement.com
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Where in Australia are you Colin?

Greg Ruckert
South Australia

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  Hello All,

  It was suggested that an introduction should be made.

  I am a poor plant nut to say the least. I Live in Australia and have been growing one thing or another for most of my life.

  I spent several years working in nurseries and ran a landscaping business for some time.

  These days I teach Horticulture for a living.

  I have been growing some Arisaema and other aroids for at least six years or so after a friend gave me some. Most grow quite well for me but some are shy to flower.

  My biggest problem would probably be not having them in the ground. I like the control pot culture gives but have numbers of some to try in ground now.

  Very interested in obtaining more species so have been madly importing seed from all over.

  The seed exchange here looks very interesting, I like the concept of sharing plants as it has served my friends and I well on several occasions when there is a loss. We can just give some back.

  I will probably be an occasional visitor and reader/poster as there is not much time for everything these days.

  Regards Colin


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