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DAVID LEEDY djleedy at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 2 00:51:32 CEST 2012

I am searching for the form of Arum maculatum, either with the "black," "brown," or "maroon" spots on the leaf.  The black form is sold at a Nursery in Kent, England as Arum maculatum 'Tar Spot Grupo.'  Having never seen it, I don't know if the different colors are different forms or the result of different descriptions.
I am also searching for a form of Arum maculaturm (or any other arum) with variegated (yellow and green) leaves.  Two A. maculatum varieties are known as 'Painted Lady' and 'Bakouci.'  There is also an Arum italicum, subsp. italicum known as variety 'Miss Janay Hall," which has variegated yellow and green leaves.  And I am sure that there are others.
It is almost impossible to legally import any plant into the United States at a reasonable cost, unless importing a large quantity.  
Does anyone on this list have any of the above described varieties or forms of Arum or similar, which they might be willing to sell to me?
Please contact me directly at djleedy at sbcglobal.net.
Thank you.
David Leedy
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