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John Allman john.allman1 at bigpond.com
Tue Aug 7 14:08:17 CEST 2012

Hello Don

Also happy to send you A. candidissimum if you would like some, I think I have a few spare.

John  A

Melbourne VIC

On 07/08/2012, at 9:50 PM, Paul T. wrote:

> At 08:59 PM 7/08/2012, you wrote:
>>                             Hello all!
>>                                                                              Just a quick post to introduce myself to the august Arisæma company … I live in South Australia, a warm Mediterranean climate [zone 9]. On a dry, north-facing block, I don’t have much shade. Some years ago I purchased – at hideous expense – a tuber of Arisæma sikkokianum, which has flowered annually ever since, to my great gratification and the amazement of the lucky few who have been privileged to see it. It has not increased at all. A few months ago – autumn, here – I purchased seed of a few other species and planted it immediately: germination was good. Now, in the middle of our winter, very few of these are still above ground, but I think that some tiny tubers have entered dormancy and still survive: I wonder if the few that have not entered dormancy will keep growing until the summer heat stops them? We shall see … 
>>    I have a few other aroids: Arum palæstinum, A. italicum, and Arisarum vulgare are [almost] weeds, and I have a few Zantedeschia species and hybrids, as well as Dracunculus vulgaris.
> Howdy Don from another Aussie.  I have a reasonable collection of Arum species, so if you're wanting to increase your collection of those I can definitely help, along with a bunch of other aroids as well.  There's definitely a few Arisaema I can share as well.  Have you seen Dracunculus canariensis?  I'm hoping by the size mine may flower again this year.  It tends to flower every year or two for me rather than yearly.
> Hello to all the others on the list reading this.  Spring is coming here, judging by everything bulbous almost jumping out of the ground here flower-wise.  I hope everyone is well, and that the wet UK-ers haven't all drowned, and that the horrendous drought in the US hasn't wiped out too many gardeners either.
> Cheers.
> Paul T.
> Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9
> Min winter temp -8 or -9°C. Max summer temp 40°C. Thankfully, maybe once or twice a year only. 
> Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world including Aroids, Crocus, Cyclamen, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Galanthus, Terrestrial Orchids, Irises, Liliums, Trilliums (to name but a few) and just about anything else that doesn't move!!
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