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Bonaventure: I think that the high Himalaya ones are difficult in the eastern USA, and particularly in the southeast where I live. But in Georgia, plants that grow well in Japan usually do well here unless it is from the very high mountain elevations or Hokkaido. My sikokianum and sazensoo are getting past bloom- both good doers here, as are other less showy Japanese arisaemas. Ringens still going strong in my garden. Heterophyllum seedlings are going nuts in their 3d season, but no blooms yet. Chinese arisaemas are mostly still asleep.
Charles Hunter
Smyrna, Georgia USA

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Here in mid-coastal NJ, (around 20 miles east of Chris Gussman), urashima and ringens are blooming.
Soon to follow are local triphyllum and in garden (strangely not doing as well) and amurense. Later many flavum and a surviving tortuosum  that blooms odd-numbered years. I've given up on nepenthoides, speciosum, costatum, and the griffithii-himalayan group (though I've masochistically ordered 1 more each again). Franchetii grew well but is now declining. Candidissimum has disappeared. Seems the fate of sikokianum always. Various other aroids come up later too.

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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