[Arisaema-l] Arisaema time begins....

Charles S. Hunter 2csh at bellsouth.net
Wed May 4 01:18:23 CEST 2011

Mayebarae is now past bloom and has a pod forming with small green seeds
(don't know if they will be viable or not yet), which brings up an
interesting point. 


The first Asian Arisaema I ever got was from the Pennsylvania nursery
Asiatica years ago, sold to me as Arisaema hachijoense, from very isolated
Hachijo Island, Japan. The only other arisaemas I had planted then, and not
nearby, were some American ones. But this Japanese one has made viable seed
every year or every second year since I have had it- It is now considered a
form of A. serratum. I have several seedlings from it growing near the
Mother-Father plant, and sent some into the AEG seed exchange this year. 


Are all serratum known to be self-fertile? 


I wonder if the var. mayebarae will do the same thing. Of course it could
have crossed with the Hachijo Island plant maybe as they are both considered
A. serratum. 


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia USA





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Somehow I missed this e-mail before.  Very nice!!!  has it produced seed for

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Spring sprung a little earlier down south. My early Japanese plants are all
up and even getting a little past bloom. The showiest to me are A.
sikokianum, A. sazensoo, A. ringens and one tall A. serratum var. mayebarae
(if you don't have this one, get one!). 


My very robust A. triphyllum, var. triphyllum plants from northern Delaware
are just starting to bloom- I put some seeds in the exchange from these,
which are bigger plants than any I have seen here in the south. 


Still waiting for a lot of the Chinese ones to do their thing.


A picture of A. serratum, var. mayebarae is below taken May 1st last year, a
little bit past bloom then. Plant is almost 4 feet tall. 



Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia z7 USA






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Spring is coming slowly to NJ.  


However, my A. amurense and A. triphyllums, both very reliable, are sending
up their "spikes".  


Also coming up is my reliable A. lobatum (pale form).........the only
remnant of several Chen Yi bulbs.   This has been two mature female plants
for the last couple years.  However, I see a 3rd plant this year.......let's
keep our fingers crossed for seed.  I am always afraid I will lose this
plant before I have a chance to propagate it.  


How is everyone else doing?   -Chris

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