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Russell: No expert here, but the pulp (usually red) surrounding the seed
inhibits the seed germinating. In nature, it eventually rots away and the
seed will germinate after that. Before I knew that, I would push seeds with
the pulp into the ground and got some germination, but it is recommended to
remove it to get a better rate of germination, particularly if the seed has
not been outside with Mother Nature doing her thing to help decompose the

I defer to others on the list more expert than me, but that is my

Charles Hunter
Smyrna, Georgia USA

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Hey Y'all.

Last fall I collected some ringens and dracontium seeds, but didn't have 
time to clean them.  Can I sow them as is, or do I need to soak them to 
loosen the dried pulp and clean them?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Mobile, AL 

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