[Arisaema-l] What is this Arisaema?

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It looks like Arisaema grapospadix to me.  You can see the photo we took of it in the wild in Taiwan at http://gallery.plantdelights.com/Taiwan2008/60774_G

It has been hardy here, but no flowers, which it normally does in late winter.

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Sold as Chen Yi A-144, Arisaema aff. grapsospadix, and it looks like the picture of that plant in the Gusman book. But the only thing you can depend on from Chen Yi is that the plant is probably Chinese.

Put the bulb in the ground April of 2010 and it just came up June of this year without infloresence. Nice shiny leaves and is unlike other Arisaemas I have.

If it is in the Anomala Section, it would be evergreen and according to the book won't like it in my garden when it freezes this coming winter. Gusman's book says they should be cultivated in pots. But it is from the more northern extent of plants from that Section, unlike some from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Anybody else grown the Chen Yi A-144 or can you ID the plant from these pictures taken today? Is it a death sentence to leave it out in the garden over the winter? It isn't that cold in the winter here in the southeastern USA but it always gets below freezing for some period, particularly in January.

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