[Arisaema-l] facing arisaema?

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"Phillotaxis"? Does that mean higher taxes or lower taxes? 


Anyhow, it's nice to get a little activity on the Arisaema site-  not enough
discussion on this site about some really fascinating plants, most of which
are easy to grow and easy to grow from seed. 


Charles Hunter

Smyrna, Georgia USA 

Zone 7



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I've often wondered if the way the spathe rotates from year to year
is a function of how the phyllotaxis changes from year to year on the corm.
The bud placement rotates a certain degree value, so why not the
Then again, considering how many weird non-repeating developmental issues
seem to happen with Arisaema, who can say why an inflorescence faces the way
it does
in any given season?
Either way, it's fun to ponder.


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