End of Listserv on Surfnet

Michael Guess piptospatha at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 17 08:36:48 CET 2010

Many thanks!

I was afraid it would all be ending just as I was getting started...

And btw, SeedEx 2011 is still on?

Michael Guess
Tokyo, Japan

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 1:52 AM, Eric Gouda <e.j.gouda at uu.nl> wrote:

>  Hi everybody,
> At this time I would have moved all my listserv lists to science.uu.nl,
> based on mailman, but I had litte time to do it.
> Now I have moved one list, including the archives (had be be converted) and
> some more (all)  has to follow this month.
> For Arisaema-L I have loaded the archives already, but I need somebody to
> have a look to it:
> http://mailman.science.uu.nl/pipermail/arisaema-l/
> Mailman has about the same functionality as listserv, so I suppose this is
> the best solution.
> I could open a forum too, but I do not think this has any advantages.
> Any objections? :-)
> Best regards,
> Eric Gouda

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