Spring in NZ

Edna Parkyn edna.paul at PARADISE.NET.NZ
Fri Oct 2 09:49:05 CEST 2009

Hello all

Here in Christchurch, New Zealand we have just begun our Spring which
started with a week of beautiful warm sunny weather that then turned to
a good 2 weeks of rain.  Now that it is warm again the gardens are
looking lush with lots of wonderful colour. Growth seems tremendous &
arisaemas are beginning to emerge in both garden & pots. My first to
flower is the stunning Arisaema serratum x kishidae - others almost in
flower are A. taiwanense & A. thunbergii subsp. urashima. It is also
exciting to see strong seedling tubers from various AEG plantings
emerging - A. ehimense, A.kishidae & A. kiushianum.  And from another
seed exchange - A.griffithii, A. utile & surprising me today is A.
dilatatum - all of which I think would be considered pretty unusual here.
Most of my collection are in pots, housed in a covered greenhouse where
I control the watering, a few others are out in the open garden - A.
taiwanense, A. ringens, A. tortuosum & A. flavum & amazing to me A.
intermedium, where each year it continues to survive  for me. I intend
to plant more of my surplus tubers out in woodland area this year.
Happy growing all.

Edna Parkyn

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