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Yeah, Steve--There's a list but it was compiled without attention to deta=il.
It's full of errors.  Example: A. nepenthoides is indicated as growing at
Ames, IA.  This occurred because the person compiling asked various folks
what they were "growing".  The Iowan indicated s/he was growing it.  What
s/he meant was that s/he had put it in the ground in a specially prepared
bed for it to grow in..  It didn't survive the first winter.

I'd say that nepenthoides is at the hardiest a Z 7 plant, but don't
know.  I'd trust Tony Avent's numbers here.

Time to revise the list.

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> Im in so called 6 zone leaning more toward zone 5 in central Indiana an=d
> would love to know the same thing, is there a list somewhere that gives
> what
> Arisaema variety will grow in what zone? So far I only have green drago=ns
> and regular triphyllum outside in the ground. The other dozen or more a=re
> in
> pots. Unfortunately, most are unmarked and mixed thanks to my 13yr 90 l=b
> malamute that decided he wanted to lay where the pots were.  I do have =a
> few
> early risers blooming now on the kitchen table.
> The list has been very quiet for awhile. Its time to come out of hiding
> and
> tell what you know about the subject. :>)

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