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I realized when I was posting pictures to the gallery that I joined earli==
er this 
year and never made an introduction. So here it goes:

I=92m Erick Adams.  I Live in Rhode Island, USA (zone 6a, with wet coas=ta=
winters and little snow cover). We get slush.  I got into plants right af==
ter high 
school when I bought an Audubon Field Guide to Trees of Eastern North=2=0
America.  Then business brought me near The Arnold Arboretum.  I stopped ==
and continued to stop in every weekend for about two years to pour over t==
collections. That hooked me on Asian flora.  Then college.  I started out==
The University of Rhode Island doing Landscape Architecture, but ended up==
transferring to Cornell and doing Plant Science in the end. Currently,  I==
work at 
home so my garden is always close.  I picked up on Arisaema around 2002,= =

when I saw A. sikokianum in bloom for the fist time.   My other hobbies i==
woodcraft, making furniture, stonework, & garden design.  

Nice to be here. 

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