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Erick I would not consider any of it wasted effort. I have been breeding
aroids for years and it seems no one is positive on what can and cannot
breed. Some of it maybe unlikely and not yet possible, they may say the
genes will not match or that it should not work but the fact is most if
not all have never really tried. One think I have found is that some
plants are very hard to cross and that it can take many times to get a
successful cross. As one breeder told me he tried over 100 times to get
two plants to cross. He finally got it to take after all the attempts.
I have also had a lot of people tell me that tetraploids and other
plants considered sterile will not produce seeds. It is unlikely but I
have had many good results of viable seed from plants considered
completely sterile by everyone else. The fact is I don't particularly
like the work impossible and in plant breeding I think it should never
really be used. Sure something's are unlikely or many not be possible at
the moment.
For some of your far fetched crosses you may want to look more into
cryptic pollenation. Killing the pollen of the mother plant mixing it
with your viable pollen and applying the mix back to your mother plant.

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