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A. 'Black Jack' is a clone from a population of similar plants, so it
may indeed be simply self-sterile.

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Jim McClements, Dover, DE z6 wrote:
> In a message dated 5/22/07 5:47:28 PM, tony at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM writes:
>> I haven't checked the chromosome #, but there's something strange goin=g
>> on.  I've never had one to set seed.
> Tony
> If these all arose from one plant, which I think is what you've said,
> then they might well be a self-sterile clone. Was Bob McCartney's
> plant one of many or all from one original?
> Have you tried crossing with another triphyllum? Hard to do if they
> flower so far apart. When mine flower I may give it a shot with
> stewardsonii, which flowers very late. That could  result in some
> interesting offpring.
> Jim
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