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Hi all,

I'd plant the sikokianum into the ground, with some sand under the tuber =and dig it out carefully in October or November. I'd avoid growing these =in pots, which always require more care and are warmer than planting the =Aris into the ground.
My sikoks are flowering outside, very beautiful, and will spend their win=ter in the cold basement or, if they start growth too early, in the 0=B0C=department of the fridge - this stops growth but does no harm....

Good growing !


> In a message dated 5/2/07 9:27:57 AM, dam7 at CDC.GOV writes:
> > I have potted A. skokianum emerging from dormancy and would like to k=now
> > how well it tolerates warm weather.=A0 Should I leave it outside wher=e
> > temperatures are now in the 80s (27s C) and will soon reach the 90s (=32s
> > C) or should I move it inside under lights or to the greenhouse, whic=h
> > has an evaporative cooler to keep temp lower compared to ambient temp=s.
> >
> >
> David
> I'd vote for pot culture. Most people I know (including me) have very p=oor
> luck with these in the garden. They just tend to disappear over the
> winter, and
> conventional wisdom says that the tubers rot in the cold wet ground. I
> must
> have grown at least a hundred from seed over the years (they are easy f=rom
> seed)
> and at this point have none to show for it.
> Jim
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