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In a message dated 6/12/07 10:32:25 AM, <a class="moz-txt-link-abbrevia=ted" href="mailto:myorchid at COMCAST.NET">myorchid at COMCAST.NET</a> writes=:<br>
<blockquote cite=""
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type="CITE"><font face="arial,helvetica"><font family="SANSSERIF"
color="#000000" face="Geneva" size="2">recently added an A. specio=sum
('Himalayan Giant' ) to my garden. It arrived in good condition. The
plant has already flowered and seeds are forming. I planted it
immediately. The soil, which is a blend of peat, sand and organic
material, drains quickly. When it arrived the 3 leaves were curled into
a tube shape. I expected the leaves to&nbsp; continue to open and the pla=nt
to gain strength throughout the remainder of the summer. Instead, the
plant seems to be going dormant. The stem is soft and starting to fall
over. I dug down and checked the tuber. It is firm and feels healthy.
Is my assessment that the plant is going dormant sound valid? Any
suggestions that will help the plant to a better next spring?<br>
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I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but my experience is that when
that happens, the prognosis is grave! Check the tuber again in a month
and it's likely to have softened a bit.<br>
I've no idea why this happens, but have wondered about the possibility
of some non-visible damage to the tuber in the shipping process that
still allows for the first year's growth to occur but then proves
fatal. Unfortunately, that's been what's happened to at least 50% of my
acquisitions from certain sources.<br>
<font color="#000000"><font size="2"><font face="Geneva">Most likel=y it
is a bacteria infection. I got a tuber of 20 cm in diameter (maybe more
than 1 kg) of A.ciliatum var. liubaense and it was not treated well
(damaged with the digging it out). It got soft and rotted, but it lost
only the outside of the tuber and a much smaller tuber was left of
about 7 cm in diameter that survived and flowering every year.<br>
Maybe it is better to get it out of the soil and leave it to dry. I'm
not a specialist in growing, but it worked for my huge tuber.<br>
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