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Sue:  Not blue on my computer, and no additonal signs or symbols.   I thi=nk
it's important to have this work well rather than be too restrictive abou=t
what appears as subject matter.  One of the problems with this list, from=my
point of view, is that it is too restrictive.

There 's  insufficient  room  for somewhat off-topic discussion that migh=t
lead into issues of how to grow them.  So saying, I will bring up a posti=ng
of a few weeks ago that nobody responded to.  I went to find pollen to ma=ke
a cross with sikotak.  Out of all of my A. triphyllums, not one had any
piollen.  All plants  I'd appreciate 5 people saying that it had never
happened to them. I know that I'm ignorant, but I hate being totally
ignorant because of rules that are unduly restrictive.

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Subject: Re: sue's blue TEST

> Disregard this email.
> Sorry about this test, but I need to know if the  /3Ds/MIME is stil=l
> following my email around.....then maybe the 'blues' will be gone and I
> can
> get back to life.  THIS IS JUST A TEST.
> Good growing!

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