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<pre wrap="">Subject: Help with collecting seeds
<pre wrap=""><!---->
&gt; I recently placed an order with the SeedEx and the USDA called to t=ell me
that my green and yellow labels should arrive within a week. If I underst=and
correctly, I send some labels to the SeedEx address, which is the same
address for sending seeds too.
<blockquote type="cite">
<pre wrap="">John Roemer
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There is something you might want to look in to when ordering seed from o=ut
of the country (seed-x).  If 'your' address is not added to your seed
package (along with the green and yellow sticker) when they are posted to
mail, you will not receive the seeds.  Instead, they will be held at USDA
Inspections until either you are notified by phone, or you call to see if
they came in (if they, for some reason, can't reach you).  I know this se=ems
a stupid statement, but there's a catch.  The permit unit instructs "Plea=se
adhere to all instructions on the back of labels.  DO NOT PLACE ANY OTHER
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<pre wrap="">
My seeds did not arrive here so I called the inspection center to inquire
about my package.   It was in, and they had tried to contact me by phone =but
couldn't catch me.  </pre>
His Susan,<br>
This message is a little bit confusing to me. Yes, this was in the
instructions, so only the green/yellow label were on the outside of the
package and a self adhesive address label of the final destination was
on the inside (connected to the permit). Didn't they find the label
cite="mid:ARISAEMA-L%25200706030000122730.62A7 at NIC.SURFNET.NL"
cite="mid:ARISAEMA-L%25200706030000122730.62A7 at NIC.SURFNET.NL"
<pre wrap="">Had I not called, they would have disposed of my package
within about a week because they have no way to store unclaimed packages.
The final destination address (my address) was not on the package.  The
person I talked to said that the way it 'used' to work is that the final
delivery address was on the package along with the inspection sticker, </=pre>
Do they read their own rules?????<br>
cite="mid:ARISAEMA-L%25200706030000122730.62A7 at NIC.SURFNET.NL"
<pre wrap="">and
after being inspected, it would be sent on to it's final
charge.  He was not totally familiar with the new rule, in fact, he didn'=t
even seem to understand what it was and so had me read it  to him.  After
hearing it, he said that he would be talking to his supervisor about it.
They are now receiving packages with the sticker addresses being the fina=l
destination (USDA Inspection Centers) and are having to inform people by
phone that their package has arrived and that they will need to send stam=ps
to cover postage to the final  He suggested contacting
Carolyn Fitzgerald at the Permit Unit (301-734-8447 or 8332 if the first
number doesn't get through) to discuss what is actually expected, and if
it's a fact that a second address (final destination) is not to be put on
the outside of the package.  Inspections can not override the permit unit
and so can't forward packages not accompanied with a final destination
address, and must request additional postage to be sent on to you.  </pre=>
That is not true! They agreed with the postal service that after the
check, the seeds could be forwarded on the same postage.<br>
cite="mid:ARISAEMA-L%25200706030000122730.62A7 at NIC.SURFNET.NL"
<pre wrap="">You will
be expected to send stamps to your inspection center to cover postage.  F=or
the moment, I don't have that answer because I could not contact Fitzeral=d
today.  USDA Inspections seemed a bit concerned with this new rule
mentioning that the result is that at least some importers will be paying
for postage twice before receiving goods.

This is the best I can explain it.  I know there were others who had not
received their seeds.  If you are still wondering where they are, you mig=ht
give your inspection center a call.

Thanks to all those involved in the seed exchange.  I will be getting my
seeds soon.

Susan Cox</pre>
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