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Well, Jim, I have been "out of the market" so long (not adding to my
collection, working on other things) . . . that you are far more likely than I to be
correct. But do let me know the consensus of opinion, as I can then ID the one
I see from where I sit . . . looking into my North garden.

Jeanne Hannah
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In a message dated 7/1/07 5:18:58 PM, Jmh98law at writes:

The two images posted at the URLS as per below are Arisaema heterophyllum

The image posted at the URL as per below is A. fargesii

I agree that the first 2 appear to be A. heterophyllum  (I assume we're
talking about the plant in the background), but I don't think the third is
fargesii. Hard to be sure without the foliage, but A. concinnum, A. ciliatum or
another species from section Sinarisaema seems likely.


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