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About: Arisaema from the Philippines
By: Pascal Bruggeman

I don't know where the mistake comes from that A. polyphyllum is alway=s dark red striated, this is just a green form of A. polyphyllum, morphol=ogically there is no real difference with the dark purple form in cultiva=tion, BSWJ3904, which has the same type of appendix and neuter orientatio=n. In RBGE (Scotland) a group of plants is grown from seed from an Argent=collection from the Phillipines that shows considerable variation in ste=m markings and flower colour. When I visited RBGE it was flowering with r=ather dark flowers but another with greenish beige flowers and yet they w=ere clearly identifiable as A. polyphyllum. There are many species within=section Sinarisaema that have dark as well as green flower forms (ciliat=um, consanguineum, echinatum, peltatum) so I don't see why this species w=ould be any different. Generally flower colour is not a reliable characte=r to work with, certainly not with species that rely on scent and pattern=to attract pollinators. A. polyphyllum i
s, like so many species, variable (also in leaf width with the narrow le=afed var. angustifolium) so in my opinion there is no reason to doubt it =is a green form of A. polyphyllum.

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