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Return it. If seller won't take it back try to get satisfaction from eBay.


Russell Coker wrote:
> Hey Y'all.
> I need some help.  Today I received a ciliatum var. liubaense purchased
> through ebay.  To my horror, what I received is an actively growing
> tuber that has been decapitated.  The soil was washed from its roots,
> and the cut pseudostem is still fresh.  I have no idea where in the
> growth cycle the plant is, but I'll obviously not see anything out of
> this plant until next spring assuming it can take this kind of treatmen=t.
> I've never received or done something like this to an Arisaema.
> Needless to say, if I had known I'd be receiving something like this I
> would have never bid on it.  Do I plant it and hold my breath until nex=t
> spring (which really hacks me off) or return it?  I can't imagine this
> being a good way to send any tuber or bulb, is it a goner?
> Thanks,
> Russell

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