mystery seeds

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I can't help Ernie with his question, but I can ask one that's vaguely
related. An A. fargesii of mine had a seed head where most of the "seed"
have stayed green and do not appear to be viable, with no berry development.
There are a few which have developed into red much larger berries.  I assume
that the red ones have viable seeds in them.  Do the green less-developed
"seeds" also germinate?  Are they less viable?  Just as good? Any relevant
experience-based  information will be appreciated.                  Adam in
Glenview, IL

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Subject: mystery seeds

>I recently harvested some seeds that were from a plant labled A. takadae or
> peninsulae. Sadly I didn't pay too much attention to that plant when it
> was
> blooming since it was in the back of my holding area and I didn't notice
> it
> blooming. I wanted to check the seedhead in the new Gusman book and
> changed
> the name to serratum, but then noticed that although the seedhead was very
> loose, not densely packed, as described, each individual berry had only
> one
> large seed (4-5mm), which did not fit the description of serratum (2-5
> seeds
> in each berry). The size of the seed is right at 5mm.
> So, my question is: what are the possibilities? What temperate (not
> tropical) arisaemas have a loosely packed seedhead with one large seed in
> each berry? Anyone know? Or, does serratum sometimes make only one seed
> per
> berry?
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