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Hi Adam,
Thanks for your kind words. As you so rightly say drainage is not an absolute value but relative to many factors, like most things in nature.

Adam Fikso <adam14113 at AMERITECH.NET> ha scritto:
Hello Ken.  Well thought-out and well-said, in my opinion.  I think this list has NEEDED the kind of cultural notes you have just offered.  Everybody thinks they know what "good drainage"  is. I'm beginning to wonder if they're not  "off the mark" because this varies with geography, climate, etc.  A steep hill can provide as good drainage with clay, as a flat situation in crushed rock and gravel. vewn if the micronutrients are not the same, nor the  mycorrhizae.  I further have heard that the Denver Bot Gard has given up the term in favor of something else, (which I've forgotten).  Cheers,  Adam

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I don't want to give advice but just outline certain considerations and the way I meet some of the cultivation problems we all have.
Growing any plant in a pot is like keeping an aquarium, it is a miniture ecosystem which must reach an ecobalance, where the soil is as important as the plant. We have all noticed how it takes some time before a plant reaches
a happy state and gets stabalized in is new pot, in other words only when the plant, substrate, water and pot reach an ecobalance things start moving.
I never use sterile earth or bought composts. The reason is that earth is and must be alive with all its micro organisms for plants to florish. By sterelizing the potting medium you kill everything your plant needs to be healthy. Plants have evolved for millions of years to live in a soil pulsing with life and in simbiosis with all that earth contains. A sterile compost is only such until it leaves the bag. The moment it is exposed to the air it is ready to host anything, good or bad but the balance in which the good overcomes the bad is still far off.Commercial growers use sterile potting mediums but then they grow plants in a highly controled and near

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