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Mon Jul 10 08:40:12 CEST 2006

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Subject: tortuosum & consanguineum 'silver center' update
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Spoke roo soon. My shady spot tortuosum has finally magically appeared as=if overnight. It had skipped a year, and this is the second time its don=e that. I guess it prefers even numbered years now. There are three stems=, unfortunately none are flowering and the slight patch of sunlight that =comes through is being commandered by a very viny Polygonatum cirrhifoliu=m. Looks like it needs a shot of nitrogen too.
A very sturdy main shoot of the consanguineum (I hope) is coming up among=the measly offsets. I thought it was an errant Amorphophallus at first!

Bonaventure in New Jersey

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