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I agree that it would be very nice to have a short message sent by the
photographer, right after each image is posted.  The photographer could
also add much more description to that section when the image is being
posted.  Photographers need to give us some background on each image, why
the image is significant, where the plant was found, etc.  I don't actual=ly
look at every image that we get notification about.  I'm more likely to
check out the new image if I know something more about it.

Note that members of at least four lists are contributing -- Alpine-L,
Arisaema-L, Bulbs-L, and Trillium-L.  If you post from, say, the Bulbs-L
headed web page, the notice only goes to Bulbs-L.  So unless you belong t=o
all four lists, you only see some of the notices. (I'm in all four, of co=urse!)

While Eric may want to gradually introduce some more refinements to this
new image gallery system, I'm amazed at how quickly he got it up and
functioning.  It is a marvelous system as it stands right now.  Eric is t=o
be congratulated on a fantastic job!

Best regards,
Jim Shields
in sunny central Indiana (USA), where I currently have no Arisaema in
flower at all; so bring on the pictures!

At 06:51 AM 7/8/2006 +0000, Carlo wrote:

>......... Either that or tell us something about your experience with th=e
>plant, etc.

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