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Dear Jim/Guy,

I have shown pictures of a specimen of this Vietnamese species
flowering in my collection to Prof. Jin Murata and he agreed that the
resemblance of this species with a species he himself has described
from China, Arisaema lidaense, is striking. The only difference seems
to be the colour of the spathe in lidaense which is dark purple inside
in contrast to the largely green flower of A. lidaense, a situation
analogous to for instance the green & purple form of A. engleri, the
green and purple form of A. thunbergii ssp. urashima or A. monopyhyllum
and its var. atrolinguum. Leaf samples are currently being tested to
see if both taxa fall under the same species or are separate species.
The appendix in some specimens shows a surpressed fimbriate tip which
suggests this species indeed belongs to section Fimbriata. Striking it
is and quite easy to grow on a window sill. Just like A. fimbriatum it
produces small sideshoots during the season which separate at the end
of the season so with a bit of luck it can find its way to more growers
in due course.


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