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I don't keep the tubers wet during the wintertime, I keep them moist in d=amp
peat moss.
I keep the Himalayan species moist with the exception of A. cosatum, I al=so
keep the Chinese species moist with the exception of A. franchetianum and=I
keep all the Japanese species moist. And also all the tropical species wi=th
the exception of the rhizome's.

I grow most of the Arisaema's in pots I don't have the space to grow them
all in the garden. But I have about 5 A. griffithii's in the garden, I ha=ve
clay and I have tried several places in the garden and they grow the best=in
the wettest part were it is wet all year round.
They are about 10 cm under the surface and doing well for more than 3 yea=r's

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From: "Claus Fredemann" <claus.fredemann at T-ONLINE.DE>
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 11:24 PM
Subject: dry or wet during winter

> Arno, frankly speaking I was very much surprised reading about your
> recommendation to keep the tubers wet and cold during wintertime. Most
> people recommend to keep them almost totally dry and one friend of mine
> got so frustrated about rotting tubers that he even started planting
> Arisaemas in 100% lava gravel a year ago with pretty good results. I al=so
> heard about recommendations to plant the tuber very deep at 30-35cm  to
> prevent them from severe frost. In fact, I did with the result that it =has
> prevent a couple of plants from surving or at least regrowing above gro=und
> level to allow them starting photosynthesis again. I just lost the tube=rs
> and didn't find any rot or remainings in the ground.
> So what is the best method for overwintering Arisaemas?
> Looking forward to your recommendations
> Claus
> Zone 7b, Germany

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