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Hi, Al,
Would you please remove my name from the email list?  It's been fun,
Ellen Nibali
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> Hi Ken
> You wrote:
> --------
> "when they burn out" isn't really the best answer. The light output
> level of fluorescent tubes drops with age. If you're running them 12
> hrs/day and you want to maintain decent light levels then you should
> probably replace them after about 6-8 months (for standard household
> tubes). Fluorescent "grow lights" are supposed to last longer but cost
> more. At some level of usage the more expensive lights are more cost
> effective but I've never tried to determine where the lines cross.
> At the very least they should be replaced when you notice (more)
> flickering and one or both ends begin to darken.
> ----------
> Thanks.  I mix the grow lights with standard household warm lights in m=y
> 2-light
> fixture.  Orchid growth clearly suffers for the Cattleyas and I should
> have
> a four light fixture but it is all I can do just to water them.  I've
> thought
> that more heat would just stress them more, given my poor level of
> attention.
> Of course there are various grow light types.  I use whatever Lowe's
> carries
> at the moment and have replaced the grow tubes every two years, when I =can
> remember which the second year is.  As you note, usually the darkening
> 'edge of night' is a good memory jog.
> Clear skies,
> Al
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